Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mass Effect Cheats And Codes (Xbox 360)

Unlockable: New Skills

If you beat the game and choose to replay the game with the same character, your character type will be able to learn some skills he or she would otherwise be unable to learn. For instance, on a second play-through, Adepts can learn to use Shotguns, First Aid, and other skills they were otherwise unable to use the first time through.

Hint: Infinite Credits
Here's a great way to score infinite Credits. Follow the steps below in order to do so...

1.) First, fulfill the side quest involving Dr. Michel (from the Med Clinic) and her blackmailer. After the quest is complete, you'll get a discount from all of the goods she sells.

2.) Start selling her all of your expensive equipment. Then, travel to the Wards Markets and talk to the merchant named Expat. You can buy all of your stuff back for cheaper than you sold it off.

3.) Head back to Dr. Michel and sell off your stuff again. Repeat this process as much as you want for as much profit as you desire.

Hint: Infinite Renegade Points
Here's an effective and foolproof way to score infinite Renegade points. When you get to the part of the game where Lorik Quinn is going to testify against Anoleis, speak to Lorik Quinn and convince him to testify. This will give you twenty-five Renegade poionts. Then, walk away from him, return to him, and ask him something unrelated to the case. You'll then be given the option to "Answer another question", at which point you'll be able to convince him to testify again, for another twenty-five Renegade points. You can repeat this indefinitely until you score the amount of points you want.

Unlockable: Higher Levels
You can increase your maximum level from 50 to 60 if you beat the game once through and opt to use your character from the previous game in a new game.

Unlockable: Play Again
After beating Mass Effect, you can play through the game again, with the same character, same skills, items, et cetera.

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